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Employee turnover is a costly issue for farms across Canada. See how your turnover compares to the agricultural benchmark by entering your numbers below.

   What is Turnover
Worker turnover is a costly issue for many farms across Canada. While some level of turnover is healthy, too much can indicate that you need to change the way you hire and manage your workforce. This benchmarking tool helps you determine whether your turnover is higher than the average by comparing your numbers against data collected from Statistics Canada and farms across Canada.

Turnover is the rate at which workers leave and are replaced on your farm. Many farmers don’t know what their turnover is, yet it can have a major impact on the productivity and profitability of your farm. In fact, the cost of replacing a single worker can be as much as 150% of their annual salary.

Use this benchmarking tool to calculate your turnover and find out how to reduce turnover costs on your farm.

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